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How to Perform a Footjob

With your Host Crissy Cums:

Good Day, my name is Crissy. I am a Performer in the Adult Industry. See my pretty little feet and toes here, I’m here today to teach you how to do one of my favorite things to my man – a footjob.

Let me tell you if you master this one – this is an excellent way of getting your man to give you a constant diet of foot massages and pedicures.

Now what is a footjob you may ask? Well a foot job is like a handjob, but using your feet instead. The most common method is jacking your man off between the soles, or between the toes of both of your feet.

You could also slide the penis between the big and second toe, while the other foot might be poking the scrotum, or perhaps having its toes sucked by the receiver of the footjob. Eventually your man will reach orgasm and his ejaculate spills all over your pretty little feet, which in itself is a turn on to many men.

I guess the simplest way to put it is beating your man’s meat with your feet.

I want to first go over the different parts of the foot.

Heel, Instep, Sole, Ball, and then you have your five toes, big, pointer, middle, ring and pinky.

So are you a freak if you like feet? Of course not.

It is truly amazing finding out what turns each of us on. This is something that is unique to each of us. It could be a smell about you, something you do or what you say that turns your man on.

My man always seems to want to kiss and touch my feet when we make love. He tells me that I have beautiful feet when we are making love and likes telling me how beautiful my feet are.

This doesn’t mean that he has a foot fetish?

A fetish usually means that it is a stimulus that is a requirement for sexual arousal to occur. If you have a foot fetish you have very strong urges or fantasies about…..feet. The person’s fetishist response to the foot is the same as a conventional person’s arousal at seeing genitals.

So what is the foot fetishist attracted to? He or she, and yes this is true for both sexes, can be attracted to the shape and size of the foot, the toes, the texture of the skin, how clean… or dirty the foot is, whether it is barefoot or with socks, nylons or shoes. A foot lover is turned on by sniffing, touching, kissing and licking. Foot lovers differ in that what one maybe aroused by a certain scenario – others may find objectionable or repulsive.

There are a number of websites out there that cater to different specific niches in the foot fetish space.The new prevalence’s and references to foot fetishes recently is showing that it is becoming more open and less of a “taboo” feel. The feet are just as much a part of another person’s body as their breasts or genitals. Why should feet be ignored just because they’re feet?

But so what if you do have a foot fetish. If you do – then enjoy it – there many magazines and websites out there that cater to just feet and shoes and unless you hear back that your man is crawling on the floor at the office, mall or out in the streets following footsies, and you don’t find his behavior disturbing – then don’t worry about it. He just appreciates one of your physical attributes. You’ve got something in a man that most women can only dream of. Think of all of those lovely foot massages you are going to get.

Ok… so how do we turn our man on with our feet? Well first I like to wear a lot of open toed shoes with my toes all pedicured up just right like this.

We like to go eat out at a nice restaurant and you can also do this at home as well. Under the table, I drop my shoe and then slowly left my leg under the cuff of his pants down by his ankle.

Then I get really daring, and I especially love it in a public place where I take my foot and snuggle it right into his package and I can feel it getting hard through the sole of my foot.

The other part of doing it in a restaurant is like having sex when you were younger in your parents house – the fear of getting caught.

I know he is getting really aroused when he then takes his hands and starts rubbing my foot under the table while I am still rubbing his package.

If you have given him a wicked footjob in the past – this will bring back some fabulous memories of the last time he had that great foot job from you.

Now how I like to start out is have your man on his back and then if I am lying on the bed beside him, I will just use my feet to get him aroused.

Lubrication is a key ingredient to a terrific foot job – you can either use lube or what I like to do is lube him up with some of my saliva by giving him some great head first.

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