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How to Perform CBT (cock and ball torture)

I’m here today to teach you the art of CBT which is cock and ball torture. I am assuming those who are watching here today are beginners and doing this for the first time or have tried it and are looking to touch up those skills a little more. Even those of you who have practiced this art before are sure to pick-up a trick or two.

While it’s true I am a Professional – the things I am going to share with you today are something you can do with your man whether you are amateur or professional.

The one thing I cannot stress enough is safety. Your man and you should first discuss a safe word and if that word is uttered in any form – immediately stop the play and remove any restraints. This is very important and establishes the trust between you two.

Now one of the things I want to tell you ladies out there is that the cock and balls themselves can take a lot of punishment – don’t hold back just remember that you two have established your safe word and he will tell you when you are pushing too far. The main thing here is for both of you to have a little fun here and your man will get excited as well – it seems a bit of a oxymoron but it is true. You see men secretly desire many of the things women do, but are too afraid of judgment at times to try new games or experiment.  But will, if properly motivated and made to feel comfortable about his limits and choices.  As with anyone I find.  And to prove this I will probably get him off at the end.

You don’t have to restrain your man – but this is something I have a preference in doing – gives me complete control if you know what I mean.

Now that we have him in place – we let the fun begin. And yes you both are going to have fun at this – you have to remember that this is a bit of a mind fuck here…..

MORE INFO ABOUT CBT thanks to Fetish Exchange

“C&B play” stands for cock & ball play. “Genitorture” stands for “genital torture”. This is a subject that makes some men clutch their nuts and run in fear, and makes other men instantly erect and greedy for more. The male genitals are at once the most vulnerable and most sensitive part of the male body, so of course many tops enjoy playing with them.

Cock rings are rings that go around your cock, typically around the base of it, behind the balls. The penis becomes erect when the blood vessels at its base constrict (because of arousal), trapping blood in the cock and causing it to swell. Cock rings have a similar effect, prolonging erection in most men that use them. (They also constrict the urethra, which will make any orgasm more painful, or even cause ejaculate to back up into the bladder. This is not dangerous unless done repeatedly. Experiment to find out how much tightness is too much.)

Most are made of leather, with adjustable snaps, so you can tighten or loosen them to fit (as well as remove them easily). Some are made of rubber. Some are even made of metal, but metal ones can be hazardous; if you put a too-small one on your non-erect cock, your cock may become so erect that you can no longer remove it–and if it is too tight, it will prevent your cock from softening. This may involve a trip to the emergency room and the use of bolt cutters. No joke.

Some cock rings have multiple rings, for behind the balls, around the balls themselves, and around the base of the shaft. Some people like using _lots_ of cock rings, to stretch the balls out away from the body.

Safety tips: The broadest guideline is to go slowly until you know how much you can take. If the pain from a particular activity starts to spread into other areas of the body, or if the pain lasts for a long time after the stimulation ends, you have probably gone beyond your limits. You won’t reach this point generally if you take your time. As with any SM practice, if you find yourself in pain later, or if you notice any abnormalities in your cock or balls when flaccid or erect, see a doctor. Of course, avoid any practice that seriously wrenches or twists the genitals; there are many ligaments and blood vessels in there, damage to which may make it hard for you to get hard. But the cock and balls can handle light whipping or slapping, provided it is done with care.

Of course, cock and ball bondage can be done with leather strips, ribbons, velvet cords, etc. Be as ornamental as you please; tying up an erect cock can create a luscious work of art, and teasing it can be even more artistic. Don’t expect C&B bondage to keep a cock hard indefinitely; cocks will usually get soft if not stimulated, and bondage which _will_ keep it hard may be dangerously tight. In any event, be sure you can remove your bondage quickly, as always.

Thank You Fetish Exchange for the information above!

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