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How to Perform Anal Sex

Be a part of the sexual revolution that is sweeping the globe with “How to Perform Anal Sex”.  Anal Sex is one of the oldest forms of alternative sexual pleasure, and the most shrouded in mystery.  Break the taboos with host’s Caren Caan, Roxetta and Dino Bravo as they teach you how to safely and comfortably discover the joy of anal sex for yourself.  After all, it’s your sex life.  what do you want do with it?

What is it?

Anal sex encompasses a variety of commonly practiced sexual activities. Although there is nothing remarkable about them in practical terms, there are taboos surrounding them that may arouse strong feelings of moral indignation and anxiety. It is important to remember that while some people find these activities repugnant, others may find them stimulating, exciting, and a normal part of their sexual intimacy.

Most sexual activities carry a risk of transmission of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) from gonorrhea and herpes, to hepatitis B and HIV. There is evidence that anal intercourse carries a higher transmission risk than almost any other sexual activity. Information about these risks is given below.


What consenting adults enjoy sexually in the privacy of their homes is their own business provided that the law does not prohibit it. The key issues are legality and consent. In the UK, anal intercourse is a legal activity between consenting men and women aged 16 and over, in both heterosexual and homosexual relationships, except in Northern Ireland where it’s 17 and over. In some countries it is a criminal offense punishable by long custodial sentences, corporal or even capital punishment.

Consent freely given by both partners is an essential feature of sexual activity in a loving relationship. Many individuals, both men and women, may have secret fantasies involving anal intercourse but feel unable to discuss them with their partner. Some may try and pressure their partner to have anal intercourse, even though the partner does not share their interest.

Some partners will reluctantly acquiesce, others may be pressured or even physically forced to allow it. Forcing or pressuring a partner to submit to an activity that they find distasteful or degrading is completely unacceptable behavior.

Intoxication with drugs or alcohol is associated with lowering inhibitions and experimentation with unusual or unsafe sexual behavior and can lead to serious consequences. It should be remembered that in the absence of freely given consent, the very serious criminal offenses of assault and rape are committed.

Therefore, it is essential that both partners agree that they wish to try it as a part of their sexual repertoire and that they are sure of the legal position on anal intercourse in the country of their residence.

What does it involve?

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